Project Description

Budget: $26,000,000

Client: Sarasota County

Sarasota County approved a $50 million bond for the acquisition, design, permitting and construction of approximately eight miles of existing railroad as an extension to the existing Legacy trails bike and walking trail. This eight mile stretch includes at least three new trailheads consisting of parking, restrooms, pavilions, playground equipment and other site amenities with master planning to allow for additional future activities such as pickleball, bocce ball or other activities that are enjoyed by the local citizens.

The trail also includes multiple road crossings with required signalizations. Additionally, the team coordinated with FDOT for three major road crossings that include bike / walk trails over the three major roadways. The trail consists of 12-foot and 14-foot wide asphalt trails with rest areas consisting of benches and 2-pole cover structures approximately every mile along the trial. The trail also includes demolition of one trestle and a restoration of another trestle as a historic feature. The trail and bridges are designed for an 11- ton emergency vehicle to extricate people should the need arise.

In addition to the 8-mile conversion of rails to trail, the project also includes four additional miles of trail that is the conversion of an old log road into the bike trail. This section also includes two additional bridges over creeks. This section of trails becomes a “off road” trail for mountain bikes until additional funding can be utilized to provide a smooth asphalt trail.

Civil Engineer and Landscape Architect: Kimley-Horn