Project Description

Client: Greepointe Holdings

Greenpointe Holdings, LLC, the developer of well-known Quay property in Sarasota has big dreams for this area. One of the last bayfront pieces of property, the master plans call for multifamily, hotels, commercial and other various developments. The first step in this large undertaking is completing the infrastructure to support The Quay’s master plan. Greenpointe Holdings hired Jon F. Swift Construction because of our thorough knowledge of utility infrastructure construction in a constrained, occupied environment. The original scope of work included installing:

  • Water
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Dry Utilities
  • Stormwater
  • FPL Duct Bank


Additionally, the scope included installing:

  • New curbs
  • New sidewalks
  • New roadways
  • New landscape and irrigation


As the project progressed, Greenpointe Holdings, LLC added additional work including reconstructing the main ditch on the property that was an open drainage swale. This ditch drains 50 acres of the City of Sarasota’s water. Originally, the ditch flooded almost immediately upon rainfall and floods US 41. The reconstruction scope included installing an FDOT box culvert, sediment boxes, twin 60” diameter concrete pipe and outfall structure. These upgrades now treat the water prior to going into the bay.

The final piece of this project included replacing the piece of bayfront Multi-Use Recreational Trail (MURT) on the property. Our team added a scenic MURT that is an extension of the Bayfront MURT allowing people to access the boat basin on the western side of the Quay.

Civil Engineer and Landscape Architect: Stantec